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Our services are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our process begins by asking what you want to do —your goals and objectives for this project. Once all the pertinent information about your project is collected, we develop various concepts to meet these goals. Based on your preferences, design documents are developed and from these we will produce the working drawings required for bidding, permit, and construction. Our years of experience in working closely with builders, city administrations, suppliers and other professionals in the building trades mean you end up with a well built product.

Builders working with us appreciate the accuracy in our well detailed construction documents that go together as intended and our availability by phone or on site if any assistance is needed. If you have a builder or are a builder, we will customize our scope of services to meet your specific needs.

Sample of the services we offer are as follows:

Construction Documentation
Bidding and Construction Observation

Sustainability is a key part of our process. Our structures are designed to reduce the amount of embodied energy needed to construct the building and minimize the amount of energy used once it is occupied. One of the ways we achieve this is by choosing materials with a long lifespan, using these materials efficiently, and reducing energy consumption on site during construction.

Organizing your house properly on site, using energy efficient (Energy Star) appliances, and properly addressing the thermal components of your home will reduce your costs and provide a more comfortable living environment year round. Instead of building new, simply adding on or renovating existing structures is also a terrific way to conserve resources.

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